What Is the Scottish Design Exchange?

The Scottish Design Exchange (SDX) is a social enterprise that supports local creative talent. They give over 150 designers and artists living in Scotland the opportunity to sell their handmade, design-led products through their two unique not-for-profit stores located in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The first concept store for this project was opened in the summer of 2015 to explore a more collaborative way for artists to sell their work. Within six months of opening, the shop was hugely successful. It allows members of the general public to invest in locally made products and trust that their makers are actually profiting from the purchase, and allows emerging and independent creators to share their work with the people most interested in seeing it.

Anyone who steps into an SDX store will see work from a growing collective of like-minded creatives – everyone from furniture makers to chocolatiers. It explores the full breadth of Scottish talent.

Should I Sell through the Scottish Design Exchange?

If you’re a Scottish-based designer, artist or creative who creates pieces and products that people can buy, we wholeheartedly encourage you to look into renting a space in the Scottish Design Exchange.

The retail space is not free – you will be asked to pay a rental payment which varies depending on the shelf space you require – but once you have rented your space, all of your sales will be commission-free and all profits will go directly to you.

In return, you’ll have a space in a major retail unit in a high footfall centre, as well as promotion in the local and national press, at in-house events and across all SDX social media channels, blogs and website. You will also be given the option to reach a global audience by selling your products in the new Scottish Design Exchange online store.

If this sounds appealing to you, contact SDX with some information about yourself, your interests in exhibiting and some pictures of your work.


To find out more about the Scottish Design Exchange, check out their website (which has a great blog and online store).

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