Wednesday, 18th December: Trader List

December is here, and the festive season is well and truly upon us. We’re marking the end of 2019 with our extensive festive market, and we want you to join us.  

To help you make the most of the market and have a good idea of what you can get and when, here’s a run-down of our 2019 dates. Click through on each one to find out who is exhibiting that day and what you can get your hands on! 

Let’s take a look at the traders joining us on Wednesday, 18th December:

NB Photography

Award-winning Scottish landscape photography.

Funky Fudge 

For Scottish Fudge, Tablet, Macaroon and Chocolate Truffles handmade in the heart of Scotland, call into our December market to visit Funky Fudge. Based at the beautiful Loch Lomond Shores, they have something for everyone. Check out their page below and come round and say hi every weekend in December on Royal Exchange Square!

Cohen – Art

Born in 1978 and originally from Saskatchewan, Canada, Cohen has travelled extensively and draws inspiration for her work wherever she goes. Since 2011, she has resided in Glasgow, Scotland and consequently the beautiful landscapes of Scotland have become the focus of her recent work, with an emphasis on the sky, the mountains, trees and water.

Monika Alff & Daphne Hamilton

Monika creates collages on paper, canvas and on home accessories. Her images are informed by the surreal and semi-abstract. She loves strong colours and gets inspiration from her natural surroundings.

Daphne works a lot with alcohol inks and uses these on a variety of supports including tiles. Her images contain gentle humour and often describe Scottish situations without using clichés.

Bamboo brushes 

Cruelty free makeup brushes.


Hand made local pottery.

Womble Shoes

Unique and individually handcrafted gifts from recycled horseshoes.

RR Designs

Rachel Rogers, the designer and maker behind RR Designs, is based in Glasgow where she creates sterling silver collections that explore the sculptural elements within jewellery design, often using 3D paper models to generate basic forms and shapes. By translating these into metal, through experimenting with techniques and processes such as foldforming, Rachel seeks to exploit the materials natural ductile and malleable qualities.

Endurance Beard Company

Endurance Beard Company is Scotland's leading small batch beardcare company, specialising in premium beard oils, beard balms and more!

dandy horse designs

Hand printed organic fair trade tshirts featuring 19th century bicycle designs.


Together we can give nature the home it needs! With support from you, we protect wildlife and the wider countrysideyou love. You can help save nature, starting in your garden, window-box or on your balcony.


Fay Donnelly

Process is imbued in Donnelly’s work. Her oil paintings, sculpture and etchings use methods of ‘carving’ (using a hot iron with oil/encaustic and carving/etching tools) reflecting a ‘carving’ out or revealing of a subject’s more hidden or censored aspects. In a similar way her performative work seeks to ‘carve’ out some covered over nugget of history or political unrest.

Kelly Coyle Art