Saturday, 23rd November: Trader List

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

2019 has absolutely flown by! We can’t believe we’re already gearing up for our festive markets to mark the end of the year. 

To help you make the most of the market and have a good idea of what you can get and when, here’s a run-down of our 2019 dates. Click through on each one to find out who is exhibiting that day and what you can get your hands on! 

Let’s take a look at the traders joining us on Saturday, 23rd November:

Fantasia Glass Art

Looking for a special gift? Come down to the Royal Exchange Square on 23rd November and discover a detailed and unique twist on glass-inspired art and jewellery, crafted in the Scottish town of Hamilton by designer Alex Palmer. Make your choice from a variety of cuts and colours to find a piece that is both striking and inspiring.

Catherine’s Jewellery

Catherine's Jewellery sells costume and silver jewellery, and beautiful handbags. Check out their wares in advance here.

Funky Fudge

For Scottish Fudge, Tablet, Macaroon and Chocolate Truffles handmade in the heart of Scotland, call into our November market to visit Funky Fudge. Based at the beautiful Loch Lomond Shores, they have something for everyone. Check out their page below and come round and say hi every weekend in November on Royal Exchange Square!

Elvish Charm

Whether you're looking for customised glassware, jewellery or clothing at the market, Elvish Charm will have something for you! Colleen specialises in handmade and personal, nothing is an issue. If you want something specific created for someone special, talk to Colleen to create that unique gift! Find her here:

Cohen – Art

Born in 1978 and originally from Saskatchewan, Canada, Cohen has travelled extensively and draws inspiration for her work wherever she goes. Since 2011, she has resided in Glasgow, Scotland and consequently the beautiful landscapes of Scotland have become the focus of her recent work, with an emphasis on the sky, the mountains, trees and water.

Róis Scottish Sea Glass

Róis Scottish Sea Glass creates handmade jewellery made from pieces of sea glass and pottery found on shores all over Scotland! Róis has found sea glass on over 50 different Scottish shores! From Iona to Orkney, you can select a location and receive a hand crafted piece of jewellery from a place with special meaning to you. Find out more:

NB Photography

Award-winning Scottish landscape photographer Neil Barr will be joining us, with all manner of prints and products. Find out more:


Art by Emma Gray

Artist based in south west Scotland depicting Scottish life through oils, acrylics and pastels.


"I'm Aiste Gvildyte, I was born in Lithuania, but for last 5 years I've lived in Scotland with my family. I have always loved art and nature, in particular beaches and seashells. Together with my 3 sons we handpick beautiful and interesting seashells from around Scotland and beyond. All my crafts are handmade from hand picked and hand prepared Seashells. Many hours and even days go into every one of my crafts including; flower pots, photo frames, seasonal decorations and mosaic pictures."  

Nmarra Design

NMARRA presents bold, graphic statement earrings. Designs take inspiration from the rich visual language of the natural world, reflect structure in our built environments and play with forms inspired by folk art and 20th century design. Shape and visual balance have been explored in these unique designs, creating bold accessories that draw the eye. Made from warm brass, these lightweight pieces are easy to wear and make a statement in style.

Orchy Design

Bold Vibrant and Beautiful Dichroic Glass and Silver Jewellery.

Brave Scottish Gifts

Modern design led Scottish Gifts. Learn more online:

Obsidian Ore 

Obsidian Ore is a Scottish Textile Design company specialising in interior fabrics and soft furnishings. Based in the west of Scotland in Paisley and Inspired by the overlooked visual variety found in various cities across the world, Designer Geri takes in the diverse, old and new architecture to create versatile fabric designs that celebrate Geri's signature design aesthetic, featuring variations of green, metallic elements and iridescent textures. Find out more:

Silhouette Artwork

"I do unique art and mediums including traditional, digital, foil and dotwork."

Clan McNutt

Metal Worker.


For more market dates and traders, check out our date list here!

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