Art On the Exchange Featured Exhibitor: NB Photography

Neil Barr has had a deep love of the outdoors ever since he was a child growing up in Inverclyde and Ayrshire. Whatever the weather, he was able to find a certain amount of peace and calmness in exploring the landscape. He now uses his photography as a way of capturing and sharing the palpable sense of joy he felt when watching the light dance across the hills and lochs.

The huge variety of forms, light and weather that Scotland gifts us creates a multitude of possible canvases. I am particularly interested in those fleeting moments as one weather system moves in and another moves off, that reveals the personality of the landscape. Where the light creates shifting patterns of drama or in some cases a sense of calm, as night turns to day or day turns to dusk.

Barr sees himself not as a photographer, but as an artist. His work pays homage to the wonders of the natural world, using light as his canvas. He studied Fine Art Printmaking at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, and went on to run a successful web marketing agency for almost two decades.

He bought his first camera in 2014, having left his web marketing agency, and started taking photographs as a hobby.

Barr quickly began to receive great praise and a number of national and international awards for his work, despite having no prior training and limited experience of photography. His portfolio was Highly Commended at Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018, his landscapes came in second for the Fine Art Photography Awards 2016, and he was the winner of the Scotland Magazine Photo Challenge 2016.

He has a massive portfolio of images on his website (, all of which are available to buy as downloads or fine art prints.

Barr’s work is often featured in solo exhibitions in galleries across the country, and his work is also available at a wide range of art & craft fairs (including Art On the Exchange!) You can find out where you can next see his work on his website or Facebook page.

NB Photography will be at Art On the Exchange’s first market of the year on the 6th and 7th April.

You can also find Barr’s work on Flickr, Redbubble, Etsy and Instagram.

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