Meet the Sponsors: Scotia Visuals


Scotia Visuals provide a range of mounting, laminating and printing services as well as document services and an online gallery. Born from a vision of Scottish landscapes and Glaswegian architecture, the company began as a family photography business. Their goal was to allow customers to display beautiful images inside their home through a variety of different products. 

“We have already extended the range of products we offer and are always looking at additional products and services that would be useful for our customers.” 

In 2011, the Scotia Visuals team took over an existing, well-established business at 7-9 Derby Street – where you can still find them today – from David McLaughlin. They have since worked to continue providing his range of mounting and laminating services, thanks to the knowledge David was able to share with them from 32 years of service. 

Today, if Art On Scotland needs anything printed, Scotia Visuals is the first place we go. 

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