Meet the Sponsors: IBC – Independent Benefit Consultancy Ltd.


At Art On Scotland, we wouldn’t be able to run half as many events if we didn’t have the support of sponsors like IBC. Independent Benefit Consultancy Ltd. are committed to helping others, a value which is shared by each member of their team. They pride themselves in giving each of their clients unbiased advice, personal care and peace of mind.

In August of this year, IBC announced that all of their team members had recently become Dementia Friends. These are individuals who are trained to recognise people who are struggling with dementia and willing to offer a helping hand to make things easier. It’s things like this that make us so happy to be working with them. 

IBC was established in 2010 with a goal to provide individual and corporate clients with bespoke financial planning solutions. Their approach is efficient, holistic and effective – they believe that they are only one part of the overall solution and work closely with other professionals to ensure their clients get the best service possible.

They offer clients advice on things like…

  • Pensions & retirement

  • Financial planning

  • Investments

  • Savings

  • Insurance & protection

  • Tax & trust planning

  • Business

We want to say a massive thank you to Ken Simpson and everyone else at IBC for all of their support over the past year. We couldn’t have done it without you! 

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