Festive Art On the Exchange: Market Dates 2019

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

2019 has absolutely flown by! We can’t believe we’re already gearing up for our festive markets to mark the end of the year. 

To help you make the most of the market and have a good idea of what you can get and when, here’s a run-down of our 2019 dates. Click through on each one to find out who is exhibiting that day and what you can get your hands on! 

Crowd standing next to market stalls at nighttime.

Festive Art On the Exchange 2019

November 16th and 17th

Saturday, 16th November Sunday, 17th November

November 21st - 24th

Thursday, 21st November Friday, 22nd November Saturday, 23rd November Sunday, 24th November

November 28th - December 1st

Thursday, 28th November Friday, 29th November Saturday, 30th November Sunday, 1st December

December 5th - 8th

Thursday, 5th December Friday, 6th December Saturday, 7th December Sunday, 8th December

December 12th - 23rd

Thursday, 12th December Friday, 13th December Saturday, 14th December Sunday, 15th December Monday, 16th December Tuesday, 17th December Wednesday, 18th December Thursday, 19th December Friday, 20th December Saturday, 21st December Sunday, 22nd December Monday, 23rd December

December 24th & 26th

Tuesday, 24th December

Thursday, 26th December

Happy shopping!

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