Featured Artist: Absalom

This week, we spoke to Stephen Brown, an architecture student at the Glasgow School of Art who's receiving mentoring though Art On Scotland. When he isn't studying, Brown is the lead guitarist of metal band 'Absalom'. He told us all about it:

Absalom is a five-piece modern metal band from Manchester, UK. Their sound can best be described as technical metalcore that draws from progressive influences. Inspired by bands such as Architects, August Burns Red and Bring Me The Horizon, the music crafts technical guitar work and complex rhythm, with electronic textures and ambient soundscapes to create a sound that is unrelenting and yet ethereal.

The path to creating Absalom has been one of strife and endurance. The band was born out of a solo-project, initiated by guitarist and songwriter Stephen Brown, in an effort to overcome his struggles with depression and disillusionment from the world. In setting out to realise his vision, he encountered the talents of Adam (vocals), Alex (bass), James (guitar) and Ollie (drums) - all ambitious musicians with a mindset akin to his own, and the solo-project evolved into a full band line up. As a cohesive unit, Absalom began to take to the stages in Manchester and set out to establish a reputation as visceral live performers. Each band member has had his owns personal demons to face but has also found catharsis through the building of Absalom.  In recognising the power of creativity to cultivate community and a peaceful mind, The Absalom Project was set up as a holistic initiative through which the band not only release their art but share the vital lessons they have learned along the way.

The Absalom Project the logistical operations of that band that shares not only their music, but the artwork, videography and blog, to create a more personal connection with Absalom's audience. This is not just a promotional endeavour, but a way to celebrate the holistic value of creativity and the benefits that is has on us.

- Stephen Brown, The Absalom Project

Click on the following links to learn more: 

Website https://www.theabsalomproject.co.uk/ https://www.theabsalomproject.co.uk/blog/2019/3/4/dusk-has-fallen Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/2LSf0cqVoY1KzsikcSwAXq YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNBMGZQfbU-O-hrDLHfgaNw Social media pages https://www.facebook.com/absalomuk/ https://www.instagram.com/absalom_music/

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