Art On the Exchange Featured Exhibitor: Young Enterprise Scotland

[Cover Image: Illustrations by Gosia]

If you’re reading up on the exhibitors at each of our upcoming markets, you’re likely to come across posts like this one every now and then:

Art On Scotland are always thrilled to have young people from Young Enterprise Scotland getting involved in Art On the Exchange! Since 1992, Young Enterprise Scotland have been busy equipping and motivating young people in Scotland to develop skills and reach their full potential in enterprise. They work to improve the employability of up to 15,000 young people from all backgrounds every single year by building their entrepreneurial skills and experience in business.

Young Enterprise Scotland support a range of different enterprises.

One creator they introduced us to was Gosia, of Illustrations by Gosia, whose work is inspired by “nature, sunshine and tropical landscapes.” Gosia creates imaginary worlds vaguely inspired by the places they’ve visited.

Another YES participant, Claire Halligan of Pop Up Jewellery, has been able to start a successful jewellery business based on “5+ years in retail and three years studying jewellery design at City of Glasgow College.” From Jillian Carol’s felted animals (above) to Claire Halligan’s handmade sterling silver jewellery, all manner of different craft businesses come to Art On the Exchange through Young Enterprise Scotland.

Along with the enterprises of creators like Carol and Halligan, Young Enterprise Scotland have also supported an entirely different breed of creative in the form of Society Zero. The idea of Society Zero came to founder Sophie when she considered the layers of litter now covering much of Scotland’s natural beauty. Their goal is to renew societies’ view on waste so that they can have less of an impact on the planet, and to make Scotland beautiful again by cutting down on harmful, single-use plastics.

Young Enterprise Scotland believe that no matter where they start their journey, all young people should have a chance at a rewarding future in work and life. A passionate and enthusiastic team of staff work towards this goal, supported by over 600 volunteers from the business community.

While maintaining a creative approach, Young Enterprise Scotland have managed to set themselves some pretty high standards. Over the years, their method has spread out across three key modes: Bridge 2 Business, Pathway Programmes and School Programmes. Above all else, they value the importance of “learning by doing”, and make sure that all of their programmes and activities adhere to this Mission however much the venture grows and changes.

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